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Y7 Admissions

All Year 7 candidates must be registered with KCC to take the Kent 11+ Test. Registration will open in June before the September of entry. Registration is done via this website:

Pupils in Y6 who are in receipt of Pupil Premium have precedence in our oversubscription criteria - see the Determined Admission Arrangements for the year of entry for details. A link to the Determined Admission Arrangements page of the website is shown to the right of this text. The extra funding that the school receives for Pupil Premium students can be used towards the cost of the school uniform, as well as support their participation in other activities and buy other resources. If in receipt of Pupil Premium, please click on the link at the bottom of this page for the Supplementary Form. This form must be returned to the School at the same time as parents return the SCAF form to KCC as the School needs this information in order to process the list of applicants it receives from KCC.

Free online familiarisation tests

These can be found at this link (

This webpage also has information for parents as to how they can help their child prepare for the test.