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Education that lasts a


Welcome to your start of an exciting adventure at SRMS

At Sir Roger Manwood’s School, students are encouraged to engage with what is on offer at the School in order to explore and develop all aspects of their characters with the goal of them becoming confident, independent young people who will excel at whatever they decide is the next stage of their young life. Do please take the time to read our Mission Statement, as it describes in far more detail what the School is endeavouring to achieve for its students.

Facts that make the school unique


years since our founding



95 %

achieved grade 4 or higher at GCSE


acre site

Our Mission


To achieve their best, we believe students must first Engage with the school, staff and their learning which means being active and increasingly independent learners, keen for feedback and able to collaborate.


At Sir Roger Manwood’s is committed to the importance of allowing students to Explore both the subjects they study and themselves.


Our focus is on enabling our students to Excel. The school has high expectations of all its students, in behaviour, learning, and commitment to themselves, their fellow students and the wider community.

Opportunities at

A brief introduction into the various subjects that we are proud to teach

Drag to explore

Manwoods Music

Be among the best of Manwood Musicians in spotlight stages showcasing your talents.

Drama Club

Travel the world and have the ability to show the world your excellent acting talents.


Partake In one of our sporting activities and become recognised with the greatest.

Explore our Magnificent Campus

Our School benefits from fantastic grounds and facilities, and makes them available for hire, usually after the end of the School day, at weekends, or during holidays.If you would like to book any of our facilities please email