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 A Level Sociology Curriculum Intent 

A level Sociology Intent Statement: A level Sociology aims to provide students at Sir Roger Manwoods with an in-depth understanding and respect for the social world around them and the ability to  recognise the environmental factors affecting the behaviour of individuals and groups, and by extension, society. Through the study of Sociology as an  evidence-based approach to understanding social phenomena, our students will develop the courage and resilience to appreciate the causes, impact  and subsequent consequences of societal change on the structure of social institutions such as the family, education, religion and crime. Furthermore,  students will develop a deeper understanding of individuals and specific groups life chances based on key social variables such as class, age,  gender and ethnicity that exist in our society. This includes understanding the impact of social policy and political decision making. 

Through the study of Sociology, our students will develop the necessary skills to scientifically investigate society, critically assess evidence and build  the courage to consider solutions to today’s societal issues. Through empowering individuals with a wider knowledge of society, we aim for our Sociology students to develop our key values of respect, responsibility, resilience, kindness, courage, and pride by becoming effective citizens who appreciate diversity and critically assess their own role within it. Our students will be equipped with a greater understanding of the challenges facing  individuals and groups beyond their own experiences.

Students will develop: 

• Their resilience for developing and exploring deep knowledge of sociological theory and evidence-based decision making.   

• The skills to be an effective social scientist. 

• The ability to critically assess reasons for and impacts of inequality in a range of different settings. 

• The knowledge and skills to support knowledge with independent enquiry.

• To take pride and responsibility in being active participants in their local communities, politics and voting.

• An understanding of the challenges faced by others to develop their kindness and become empathetic and responsible citizens.

• Having the courage to be more open minded to changes around them and the resilience to appreciate these differences between people.

• An understating of the causes and effects of social behaviours.

• To take responsibility and have the courage to seek solutions to real world issues through social policy.