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Politics Curriculum

In the Politics course, you will study the way countries are governed and how voters elect governments. The course is based on two democratic countries, and their similarities and differences. You will also consider different political ideas. The exam board is Pearson Edexcel.

Year 12 focuses on the UK political system. Students begin by studying UK Politics. This includes:

Democracy and participation

Political parties

Electoral systems

Voting behaviour and the media

Core Political Ideas are studied, with focus on:




UK Government is studied, which includes:

UK Constitution


Prime Minister and executive

Relations between the branches

A Non-Core Political Idea is studied, which is Feminism

Year 13 focuses on the USA as a political model. Students study US Government and Politics, which includes:

Democracy and participation

US Constitution and federalism

US Congress

US Presidency

US Supreme Court and civil rights

Comparative Approaches are studied which include:

Comparative theories

UK/US constitutions and devolution/federalism

UK/US legislatures

UK/US executives

UK/US supreme courts

UK/US parties and pressure groups