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The school has three facilities that need significant refurbishment. The first two were originally funded by OMs: the cricket pavilion and swimming pool. The DT block is coming to the end of its life and we hope to build a new Design Centre.

The school has three facilities that are in need of significant attention if they are to play a meaningful part in school life in the future. The plan for each of these facilities has not been finalised yet and we will share more information when we have it. However, should you be interested in discussing these plans or offering funding, please get in touch with David Anderson (

The Pavilion

The pavilion is a facility that was originally made possible because of the generosity of OMs. The building has become a little run down as repair budgets have come under pressure since the Financial Crisis and subsequent austerity years. However, a pavilion is key to the success of our sports teams and it is also crucial for us to offer a comfortable changing facility for those hiring our new astroturf.

The Swimming Pool

Sadly out of use for over 15 years, since oil costs made it too expensive to heat, the swimming pool area needs to be brought back into use. We would love to have a pool on site, but are aware that the operating costs of a swimming pool are significant and so we are considering a number of options for this site. However, we are always interested to discuss options with anyone who could help us reinstate it as a viable pool.

The DT Block

DT is such an important subject at Manwood’s. In recent years our students have had significant success in winning prestigious Arkwright Engineering Scholarships. The current DT block is coming to the end of its life due to the materials used in its construction. It is also too small for modern class sizes and so a new and expanded Design Centre is a priority for the school as it looks to enhance what we offer in our STEM subjects.