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Music Curriculum

Year 7

Music in Year 7 focuses on the Elements of Music (Mad T Shirts) which are the building blocks of Music. During the year, the students further explore these areas through listening, performing and composing.  They will learn the basics of music theory, instrument families and other important musical vocabulary.  This forms the content for the end of year exam. Keyboard and pitched percussion play a large part of the practical work including assessments during the year.

Year 8

This year, the curriculum continued to be underpinned by the Elements of Music.  As well as the introduction of Critical Listening, there has been a larger emphasis on group work composition and performance.  The students will be learning how to use the Music software package, Logic Pro.  This software opens a huge creative potential for all the students.  They will be using the IT resources much more in Year 9.  The end of year exam is in the form of a GCSE style listening test.

Year 9

The Year 9 curriculum is more practical and included minimalism, 12 Bar Blues &  Film Music along with critical listening skills. These topics will be approached in a practical way either using their own instruments, classroom instruments or in the case of Film Music, the computer software Logic Pro.  This software enables the students to synchronise their original composed music and chosen sound effects to a video clip from a choice of genres.

Year 10

We teach the Eduqas Music GCSE. During Year 10 the students work at a deeper level on the Elements of Music, theory, critical listening and wrapping this all up in composition development techniques. We improve performance skills during the year and aim to have completed the first piece of composition coursework by the end of the summer term. The performance coursework is also planned and rehearsed so it can be recorded on their return in September.

Year 11

The year begins with a focus on recording the solo and ensemble performances and the second composition. Students work towards the mock listening paper in January. After this we focus on appraising skills, rhythm and pitch dictation and key musical vocabulary leading to the summer written paper.