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The House System at Sir Roger Manwood’s School

There has been a House system at SRMS since the 1920s. The number and names of the houses has changed over the decades as the school has grown from less than 50 students, to a couple of hundred, to now being over 1000.

Each form group in Key Stage 3 is in a separate House but when these 5 forms are split to make 6 forms in Key Stage 4, the new form groups then consist of students from each House.

The names of the five current Houses were chosen via a competition amongst the student body. 

They are:

Atlas House. Their House colour is red. This House name represents the School’s international links and general global outlook.

Carmarthen House. Their House colour is orange. This House name was chosen as it is the town in Wales that the School was evacuated to during the Second World War.

Founders' House. Their House colour is green. This name represents the historic link to the various people who were involved in the founding of the School and its re-establishment in 1895 on our current site.

Stour House. Their House colour is light blue. This name was chosen as the River Stour is one of Sandwich’s key geographical features, and the reason why it was, and still is, a Cinque Port.

Ypres House. Their House colour is dark blue. The name was chosen as Sandwich was a staging post for troops being transferred to Ypres in Belgium on the Western Front in the First World War. It was also a way of remembering those OMs who have died in various conflicts.

Each House has two House Captains. They are students in the Sixth Form and are appointed each March. Their year of office runs from the Easter of Year 12 to the Easter of Year 13.

Well over 60 competitions are run each year that contribute to the House competition. They range from sports competitions, to photography competitions, to ones run by subjects (e.g. a spelling bee in Year 7 English, planet modelling in Science).