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Sir Roger Manwood’s School believes that the core purpose of homework is to help pupils make progress in their own learning.  Learning refers to their knowledge, skills, understanding and personal growth.

The type of homework set will vary and is likely to include preparation for lessons to come, consolidation and practice, revision, stretch and challenge or personal development tasks. Some tasks are designed to be challenging to maximise learning and develop resilience.  If a pupil is worrying about the task and spending a disproportionate amount of time on it they are always encouraged to seek help from their teachers. As a pupil progresses through the school they will be expected to develop as independent learners and take on more responsibility for their own learning.

Extensive research from the Education Endowment Foundation shows that at secondary age, if homework tasks are set effectively and are an integral part of learning, there is a positive impact of up to 5 months on pupil progress, with quality being more important than quantity.

As a school we do not believe in setting homework for the sake of it.  We recognise the importance of a balanced lifestyle that supports extra-curricular commitments and family life.

Pupils are expected to take pride in their homework, to complete it independently, to the best of their ability and to submit it as requested to meet the deadlines set.

Assessment of homework may be written, verbal, peer or self-assessed.  Depending upon the nature and purpose of the task there may be a mark, grade and/or formative comments.  Often, feedback will require that the work is revisited to improve the learning experience.

We would hope that parents/carers take an interest in their child’s homework and encourage the development of good study habits. If there are concerns that pupils are spending too much or too little time on their homework then these concerns should be raised with their subject teacher or form tutor.

If it is not an appropriate point to set specific homework the expectation is that pupils would work independently on that subject i.e. review work covered and reflect on learning points, organise notes, revise terminology and content, address areas of weakness, read around the topic, research for the next lesson, use textbooks and on-line resources to deepen and extend their understanding of the work set in class.