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We’ve come a long way, but we’ve got a lot more that we can do to become a more sustainable school. Here are a few of the projects we have on our list for the future.


We would like to turn the school’s old and abandoned swimming pool into a biodiverse outdoor classroom that would bring this part of the school grounds back to life whilst retaining the area as a wildlife refuge.


We have very limited recycling facilities in the school and there’s plenty of opportunity to improve recycling of food, plastic, aluminium cans and paper.

Heating systems

Most of the school’s buildings have gas central heating and some could be switched to more sustainable energy sources. F block (Science) could have its gas boiler replaced with heat pumps that take heat from the playing field to heat the building. That would need the building to be properly insulated so the heat is retained in the building. The lighter sections of the thermal picture show where energy is currently being lost. B block has old electric heaters that could be replaced by heat pumps which would use about 1/3 of the electricity. It would also need to be properly insulated; the picture of the entrance shows that it is incredibly energy inefficient and needs replacing. In other buildings, we can install controls on the radiators to stop rooms from overheating.


We would like to install PIR sensors (that monitor movement) in every room and corridor so that lights automatically switch off when rooms are empty.