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Film Studies A- Level

Students follow the EDUQAS Film Studies Specification

Throughout the two years, students are expected to:

  • Develop their practical skills and contribute to a culture of supportive criticism
  • Lead presentations to the class related to the topics we have been studying
  • Develop essay writing skills
  • Contribute to class discussions
  • Develop their knowledge of film beyond the classroom

Year 12

Throughout the year they do the following practical work:

  • Make at least 3 short films
  • Study a range of extracts from screenplays and practise writing their own
  • Create photographic storyboards

Study a range of films:

  • A pair of Global film texts such as Mustang and City of God
  • A Silent Film such as Sunrise
  • A pair of Hollywood films from 1930-1990 such as Casablanca and Bonnie and Clyde
  • A pair of American Indie Films such as Get Out and Joker

Year 13

Students complete their Non Examination Assessment(NEA) – either a short film or a screenplay and storyboard accompanied by an evaluation

They study a further range of films:

  • A collection of short films to use as inspiration for their NEA
  • A documentary such as Stories We Tell
  • An experimental film such as Cleo de 5 a 7
  • A pair of British films such as Trainspotting and This is England.