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Sir Roger Manwood's School,  Sandwich,  Kent  -  May 1967

Welcome to all former pupils and staff of Sir Roger Manwood's Grammar School, Sandwich, Kent.   The aim of this website is to bring us all together, so we can reminisce about good, bad, happy and sad times.  

    Mainly, we are focusing on 1967 which is when the school photograph on the photo page was taken, and when I was in the third year at Manwood's.  Even if you don't have too much to say,  we'd all be interested to know who and where you are,  what your profession is,  and maybe a few family details.  Also amusing anecdotes of school life, things you liked, things you disliked etc.   If you still happen to be in contact with schoolmates from those days, please try and persuade them to leave their details in the guestbook.   Former teachers are also most welcome to sign in.

   Additional photographs for the photo page are especially welcome, particularly if you can provide information and an approximate date to go with them.  We're also interested in obtaining school photographs from 1960 - 1973.  These can be scanned and returned promptly.

    By the way, we should add that this website has no connection with the official school website, which is well worth a visit.

   Finally, Best Wishes to all of you Old Manwoodians out there, - near or far, you're not forgotten !

  Paul  Lovell  (webmaster and OM)  &  friends

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Excellent website with pictures and information about Sandwich - Click here

Please note: this site is alive and well. The original webmaster has vanished, but Steve Fairhead aka fivetrees to the rescue! The contact address above now comes to me. I will endeavour to keep this site alive, and bring back some sort of guestbook. (26 April 2010)

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