Students are encouraged to explore and develop all aspects of their characters so as to become confident, independent young people; young people who are prepared for the next stage in their life by the time they leave Manwood’s. They are encouraged to take part in the many extracurricular activities on offer and supported to so that they achieve as highly, in an academic sense, as they are able. The aims and ethos of the school are reflected in the wide range of subjects and extracurricular opportunities offered. The vast majority of students in Year 11 stay on into the sixth form, and they progress to top universities in both the UK (including Russell Group and Oxbridge) and around the world.
The Friends of Manwood, to which all parents automatically belong, contributes to the life of the school in very many ways, both through its lively schedule of social events and the financial contribution it makes through its fundraising activities. It is another example of the commitment of all members of the school community to the life and wellbeing of the school.
Alumni are encouraged to join The Old Manwoodian Association and that goes from strength to strength. As well as attending the events that the OMA holds during the year, many ex Manwoodians come back to the school to help out with a range of events and activities; from careers advice and mock interviews with sixth formers, to helping out with the Combined Cadet Force.
We strive to provide a safe and supportive environment for the young people who come through our doors and work tirelessly with them so that they develop into confident, happy and successful young people who are prepared for the global nature of the world around them in the 21st century.

At Sir Roger Manwood’s School we aim to provide a broad curriculum which is balanced, relevant, enjoyable and challenging to all pupils. It is a core belief of the school that all individuals are equally valued and that everyone treats one another with mutual respect .

The school enjoys high standards of behaviour from its students and a strong sense of loyalty to the school.  The students have many opportunities to develop skills and personal qualities, both in the formal curriculum and in the extra-curricular life of the school, that will serve them well in their future lives. We also seek to provide a caring community which encourages concern and respect for the welfare of others.

The school places great emphasis through the pastoral system of Form Tutors, Year Heads, SEN Manager, Student Receptionist, Curriculum Access Administrator and Assistant Head Pastoral upon promoting the welfare and personal development of all pupils. Parents and students can contact staff at any time and there are well-developed procedures in place.

The school works hard to make sure that all pupils can find somebody to approach to discuss a matter of concern - staff in pastoral roles might be the obvious choice but all staff make themselves available and are approachable.

There are also senior staff who have student welfare as part of their core duties. Sixth Formers are encouraged to help in a number of areas with Junior classes and a ‘buddying’ system operates in Years 7 and 8. Sixth formers also act as Area Prefects and School Prefects. In addition we welcome the input from the School Nurse and also can call upon the services of outside Counsellors. 

Please do take the time to look through our website to gain a glimpse of what Manwood’s has to offer.
Lee Hunter, MA (Cantab)

There is so much more to Manwood’s than our examination results, excellent though they are. Please CLICK HERE to be taken to the Newsletters page. I urge you to read a few of these in order to get a real feel for the wide range of activities that this school has to offer.

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