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Book A Tour

We would encourage all prospective boarders and their families to come and spend some time with us at our school. We offer all potential and prospective boarders the opportunity to enjoy a tour - led by a current boarder. Visit The Lodge and The Grange, our boarding houses, where you will be able to visit the facilities, meet the House Parents, the Matron and the relevant Head of Year. They'll be only too willing to provide information on academic studies, pastoral care and the day to day life of boarders.

To book a tour, please contact, Mrs Young, Boarding and Development Manager: 01304 610214 or [email protected]  

The Good Schools Guide:

'If you’re seeking a school to move house for, this should be on your list. With a full hand of grade 1s from Ofsted it’s unquestionably a good school, and the town of Sandwich offers a gorgeous beach, a golf course which regularly plays host to the Open Championship, creekside walks, and some of the best preserved mediaeval architecture in the country. Plus, unusually, it’s a mixed sex grammar, so you can educate sons and daughters together.

If you don’t want to move house, there’s also the option of boarding at state school prices. Parents fighting whitened tooth and manicured nail over places in the West Kent grammars may be missing a trick here. You can get a top flight education paying only the boarding fee, a snip compared to independent day school prices in the south east'

'It’s a spacious campus with lots of green space and the two boarding houses are a stone’s throw from the teaching blocks. Rooms have high sleepers with desks underneath and look like every teenage girls’ bedroom with mates’ pictures on the walls and hair straighteners lying across the beds. The housemates are ‘like a family’, said a boarder'.

'In 2016, 32 per cent A*/A and 66 per cent A*/B at A level, and 43 per cent A/A* at GCSE. A quarter take history to A level. Maths is also a popular choice with more than a third of students taking A level and others taking further maths. The school has a resident maths genius who competed last year in the International Mathematics Olympiad and was placed 30th out of 548 of the world’s best mathematicians. All three sciences also strongly represented at A level. The school is designated a high performing language college, and languages offered include French, German, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese (fortnightly lessons help year 7s decide whether to take it on as second language in year 8), plus Italian as a sixth form option'

To book a tour please contact, Mrs Young, Boarding and Development Manager: 01304 610214 or [email protected]