Statement of Boarding Principles and Practice

Statement of Boarding Principles and Practice

The major aim of Boarding at Sir Roger Manwood’s School, is to provide a safe and healthy environment where pupils are immersed into the selective, enriched education provided and enabled to reach their full potential while developing into well rounded, mature young people.

There are two boarding houses at Sir Roger Manwood’s School, Manwood Grange for the boys and Manwood Lodge for girls.  Each house has a live-in Houseparent, who has overall responsibility for the running of the House and a residential Housetutor.  Both houses have non-resident matrons, who are responsible for the day to day administration of the house and non-resident Housetutors who support the Houseparents with various duties throughout the week ahead.

Entry is through the Kent Test Selection Procedure or by sitting the School’s own comparable entrance examination at different ages or on the basis of good enough GCSE results at the age of 16 for entry onto A Level courses in the Sixth Form.  Pupils’ and students’ work and progress is carefully monitored by the House Staff throughout the term through discussion with other teaching staff, the checking of homework and homework diaries and by using Assessments issued at regular intervals throughout the year and the annual report.  Assessments and reports are also issued to parents and guardians and they are encouraged to discuss any matter which concerns them, at any time, on an informal basis with the Houseparent.  Similarly the Houseparent will speak with a pupil’s parents should he/she consider it necessary to do so.

Clearly during term-time the Boarding House becomes home to the boarding pupil and therefore academic progress is not the sole consideration as far as the School is concerned.  Sir Roger Manwood’s aims to provide a caring, bright and stimulating environment wherein young people can feel secure, develop friendships and grow up happy in themselves with the ability to enjoy life.  Both Boarding Houses are clean, neat and bright with well-appointed dormitories, bathrooms, showers and toilet facilities.  Boarders have access to computers, musical instruments, television and DVDs, house libraries, table tennis and pool tables, common rooms and kitchens which provide food and drink preparation facilities.  Each House has a pay-phone exclusively for pupils’ use as well as internet and email facilities.  Main meals are taken in the School Dining Hall which is a three minute walk from the Boarding Houses.

Both Boarding Houses, and the School, are set in very pleasant and peaceful surroundings with a variety of facilities which boarders are encouraged to use.  There are extensive playing fields, a Sports Centre, large hard play area, an astro-surfaced area for hockey, five-a-side football, tennis etc. and a fitness gym.  Within the school buildings are extensive IT facilities, art rooms, technology workshops, music rooms and a drama studio which boarders along with day pupils are also encouraged to use both during the lunch-hour and after school as a part of the extensive extra-curricular programme which the school offers. Boarders are also encouraged to attend all the visits and trips organised by the different departments within the school.  The development of friendship with day pupils is encouraged because of the broadening experience it gives to both parties. Visits to day pupils’ homes on exeat weekends make a good break for boarders while day pupils may be able to benefit from holiday stays at their boarding friend’s homes.

There is a commitment towards providing a “boarding curriculum”, that is, the provision of a wide variety of activities for boarders at weekends and during the evenings.  The major aim is to provide a broad range of stimulating activities which range through drama, music, sport, shopping, theatre and cinema visits along with other trips. Boarders’ suggestions are always considered.

The Boarding Houses at Sir Roger Manwood’s School have always retained their own individual characteristics due to their location, the character of the buildings and the internal arrangements of the rooms.  The staff are carefully selected to support the ethos of each house and both houses work together as a team to plan events and ensure fair treatment.  While community activities are encouraged we always recognise the individuality of each Boarder. He or she has to be allowed time and space to be able to relax in their own company or in the company of close friends – it is not possible to organise boarders’ lives entirely, and we do not attempt to do so.

An important responsibility of the boarding staff is to enable all boarders to develop spiritually, culturally, morally and socially during their time in boarding.  As part of this development boarders attend an ecumenical service in St Clement’s Church at 9.30 a.m. while Roman Catholics attend family service at the Roman Catholic Church if they prefer.  The Anglican Rector of Sandwich has a significant input into the School and indeed the lives of boarders both as a Governor and as the person who conducts the weekly service. Boarders are encouraged to be involved in the running of the weekly service and occasionally we have special services led by different ethnic groups to allow us to celebrate diversification in our beliefs and styles of worship. Some boarders take confirmation classes while they are members of the School.  The School’s link with St Clement’s is an important link with the wider community of Sandwich.

We aim to create an open and trusting ethos in which each boarder feels able to approach any other member of the community (staff or pupil), confident in the knowledge that they will be treated and respected as an individual.  For those boarders who for whatever reason chose not to talk to boarding or teaching staff of the school we have several adult contacts that they may approach directly.

Whole School Policies, specifically those which refer to Bullying, Child Protection, Drugs and Race Equality apply equally to boarding and the Boarding Houses.  This is also true of School Rules.  However, both Manwood Grange and Manwood Lodge extend these and introduce rules of their own in order to maintain the smooth running of each house.

There is a strong commitment to boarding at Sir Roger Manwood’s with a clear determination to provide the best environment for those who choose to board.  Part of that commitment is to review and assess what the School provides and constantly seek to improve provision, using the views of everyone involved.